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The Warrior Race announces new Commando middle distance along with 2014 dates

There is good news for those who love obstacle racing but feel that they are not quite yet up to it to compete in the Warrior Black Ops Races (20km – 30 obstacles).
The Warrior Race management are well aware that it is quite a big step up from competing in the Warrior Rookie Race (6km – 15 obstacles) to the Black Ops Race. That is why the Warrior Race has decided to bring in new distance for the Warrior Series.

We are going to call it Commando”.
Competitors will have to run 12 km while having to work their way over and across various challenging obstacles. Bringing in a new distance to the Warrior Race makes absolute sense. We received a lot of feedback from people on our Facebook page commenting that they really enjoyed the Rookie Challenge but it comes to a point of been there done that and got the T-shirt to prove it after a while.

The feedback was that our audience now want a tougher challenge but they are not yet ready to tackle the Black Ops.
Bringing in the Commando Race will give competitors the opportunity to really grow into the Warrior Race. You start off with the Rookie and have fun, when you ready you can upgrade to the Commando Race and when you really got enough courage you move on to the Black Ops.

We believe that through the Commando Race we are also going to create a greater awareness for obstacle racing. The Warrior Race directors have no hesitation in admitting that in their wildest dreams they would not have thought that the Warrior Race would grow to be so popular in the very first year.

It is estimated that after the final race in the series of 8 (30 November to 1 December at Stoke City) a total of 38 000 people would have competed in the Warrior Race. To put that in perspective the 38 000 Warriors would nearly fill Loftus to capacity.
One of the most exciting elements about the Warrior Series is that it lured a lot of inactive people back to participating in sporting activities. On the Warrior Race Facebook page participants share stories like the last time they participated in any kind of sport was 10 to 15 years ago, but when they heard about the Warrior Series they just could not resist the challenge.

The 2014 Race Dates will be as follows:
Race    –    Venue  –  Province – Date
#Warrior1 – TBA – Gauteng 1-2 Feb.
#Warrior2 – TBA – Gauteng 1-2 Mar.
#Warrior3 – TBA – Gauteng 5-6 Apr.
#Warrior4 – TBA – North West 10-11 May.
#Warrior5 – TBA – Kwazulu Natal 26 Jul.
#Warrior6 – TBA – Gauteng 6-7 Sep.
#Warrior7 – TBA – Western Cape 11 Oct.
#Warrior8 – TBA – Gauteng/North West 22-23 Nov.

Source: http://advendurance.com/news/9-events/8-the-warrior-race-announces-new-commando-middle-distance-along-with-2014-dates
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